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commissioned work

commissioned work


new editions

new editions

new listings in ebay shop

hi everyone just to update you ! now got some new listings in my ebay shop if you would like to take a look.


well cant believe got five events to prepare for and all are in November ! got few orders too. looks like im needing to knuckle down and crack on with some serious work! 

my first award wow!

well to say i didnt think i was that good at blogging i guess im improving ! 

im more of a crafter than a writer so to recieve an award was a boost i would like to say a big thankyou to kidazzleink for nominating me!



eBay shop new stock

i am now stocking paper crafting CD roms! really good ideas for Christmas

if anyone is interested in learning how to 3d decoupage and would like to purchase a starter kit please contact me


forgot to mention!

orders and commissions now being taken! please allow for delivery if wanted in time for Christmas!

first one of the season!

well working hard on last minute preparations as im booked in for my first craft market of the season on Saturday 12th October only 3 days away !!! excited and apprehensive all at the same time. guess that comes with the creative territory and being a perfectionist. well better crack on or i will never be ready in time.

Well who’s ready for Christmas?

Are you working up to Christmas yet?   I’m busy preparing for fairs building up stocks of pictures to sell as Christmas gifts!