4. To shape or not to shape,what is the difference?

I suppose its a matter of opinion when it come to shaping and how realistic you want the finished result. I prefer to shape myself but i will let you decide for yourself!

Taking a picture you have cut out and layer over your base print using silicone glue or sticky pads.

3d dorabels 084

which will then look like this

3d dorabels 087

Now for shaping!

you will need a foam mat,a hockey stick shaping tool and embossing tools varying sizes

3d dorabels 052

Taking your cut out pieces I ve started with part of fur stole.

3d dorabels 089

using the foam mat and hockey stick work on the under side in a circular motion dont be afraid to press down the paper should start to curl see below3d dorabels 090

3d dorabels 091      then moving on to the second piece of fur stole again using circular motion concentrating on the outside edges





3d dorabels 092


Then turn over so right side up use embossing tool to draw the creases in the fur. Don,t worry that its gone flat again as you can carefully curl round again.


3d dorabels 094


Next is the hair keeping it right way up draw with hockey tool over hair band so that there is a ridge between fringe and hair.



3d dorabels 095


then turn over now staying beyond the ridge lines shape the fringe then the hair

3d dorabels 096


it should then look as below.

3d dorabels 099


now work on the woman s face. starting with the eyes carefully draw over them with embossing tool ,eyebrows,nose and lips.then wrap face around(right side up) the middle of your embossing tool

3d dorabels 101


now line up separate pieces and stick in place with silicone glue or foam sticky pad. Ive added feathers for effect


3d dorabels 106 Shaped

3d dorabels 105  Not shaped

3d dorabels 103


The choice is yours! What do you think?


2 responses to “4. To shape or not to shape,what is the difference?

  1. I think it may be easier to decide if it was seen in 3D rather than a two dimensional photo format. What do you think looks the best?

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