2. Cutting (part 1)

We start off with 5 identical prints,your first one being your base print to build on.


the second print we start cutting into as shown below i have outlined to show where to cut.


which would look like this:                                                                                                             (always save the bits left over as you may need them later)


now onto sheet 3


following the lines you can see the perspective


if you have one this is where a pricking tool is helpful carefully follow the lines of the tree trunks pricking around the inside area needing to be cut away.



then using scissors (or blade) cut around the area as below



           you should end up with the two pieces above.


using the piece left over cut out the next piece.


finally cut out the top canopy of the tree .

part 2 coming soon!!


3 responses to “2. Cutting (part 1)

  1. there are many ideas a man can think but if he thinks it twice he thought about another idea which makes his idea nonsense…

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