1. What tools do i need?

There are several types of tools that are used when making a picture,to make it easier i will split them up into categories     The obvious one of course is your picture/print.You will need minimum of 5 exact copies of the same print.                                                         Cutting tools          Dependant on your preference you can use a blade and cutting mat or decoupage scissors which come in different designs. I prefer working with tweezer scissors (as shown below in pic 1) unlike normal scissors you can cut with the tips of the blades which i will cover this more later in 2.Cutting(part 1). Image1

23d dorabels 0523d dorabels 0533

Shaping tools

Although not everyone shapes there work i do as i think the effects in the finished product speak for themselves. i will let you decide for yourself later.

the tools you need are :    a piece of foam matting ie funky foam

various sizes of embossing tools

and a hockey stick shaping tool  (see pic 2)

also helpful is a pricking tool for cutting out awkward corners.

Embellishing tools

Again this is down to preference and will be covered later!

flocking,glitter,flower soft etc

scrap paper

clean paint brush  (pic 3)

pva glue

ballpoint glue pen

and ice cream straw (has wide end like shovel)

Finishing tools

In order to build up the picture you will need:

Silicone glue clear

wooden skewers x3

small square of card


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