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I suppose its a matter of opinion when it come to shaping and how realistic you want the finished result. I prefer to shape myself but i will let you decide for yourself! Taking a picture you have cut out … Continue reading

3.Cutting(part 2)

Well as promised here we go!


Using the next print follow the lines and carefully cut out!


base print

base print

you should end up with the following pieces

3d dorabels 078

3d dorabels 0793d dorabels 0803d dorabels 0813d dorabels 082


3d dorabels 083    thats the cutting finished!



Results of my crafty weekend

Sorry been rather busy making pictures,thought about time i told you all about my crafty weekend last week.

My husband and i went to find the craft market,had a good look round at all the stalls there was a wide range of crafts there.Including card making,jewellry,knitting,and paintings etc but nothing like my work.

Managed to have a good chat with some wonderfully creative people got lots of ideas and good advice which is great!!

Then to top it all managed to book a stall for the next market on the 12th october. yes!! next job is to make sure i have enough pictures made.

The following day i went to a papercraft show which wasn’t as exciting as last year as  there were less stalls. Although i did manage to learn decopatch which i am now using to vamp up my tatty sad looking sewing box in my spare time(not that i have very much these days) hope to be back on track this week so watch this space!!


new look

new look to my blog what you think?  Bigger pictures in my gallery too!!

Next tutorials will hit my blog over next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

crafting weekend!

well got a busy weekend ahead,been to craft group today.Off to local craft market tomorrow for a good mooch hoping to book in for the next one.

Get an idea of what to expect so i can prepare myself may even get some good ideas whilst i’m there will let you know how it goes.

then sunday after church i’m going to a papercraft expo which is like putting a child in a sweet shop! i will be in my element. good job i only found out about it yesterday otherwise i’d probably be breaking the bank!!

boy is it fun learning to play

!3d dorabels 018

2. Cutting (part 1)

We start off with 5 identical prints,your first one being your base print to build on.


the second print we start cutting into as shown below i have outlined to show where to cut.


which would look like this:                                                                                                             (always save the bits left over as you may need them later)


now onto sheet 3


following the lines you can see the perspective


if you have one this is where a pricking tool is helpful carefully follow the lines of the tree trunks pricking around the inside area needing to be cut away.



then using scissors (or blade) cut around the area as below



           you should end up with the two pieces above.


using the piece left over cut out the next piece.


finally cut out the top canopy of the tree .

part 2 coming soon!!


There are several types of tools that are used when making a picture,to make it easier i will split them up into categories     The obvious one of course is your picture/print.You will need minimum of 5 exact copies of … Continue reading

What is 3D Decoupage?

3D Decoupage (paper tole) originates from the 17Th century and was revived in the Netherlands several decades ago.

Its a simply stunning art that produces beautiful results.which are produced by cutting and layering several flat prints in order to create a 3 dimensional image.Image


gallery update

lots more pictures been added and more to come soon ! let me know if you see anything that takes your fancy.

Its official my ebay shop is now open

New pictures being added regularly!

orders and commissions being taken.

want something different for someone special for christmas contact me.