The Art of Flocking

As a Lancashire lass i can sniff out a bargain a mile off so put me near a craft shop with a clearance sale and you won’t see me for dust as my darling husband found out pretty sharpish. On this particular day i came across something i had never seen or heard of before! Flocking powder   me being me will give anything creative a go,so i purchased some along with a ballpoint glue pen( which are also amazing) with baited breath i couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new toy I soon realised that 3d pictures of furry animals can now have realistic textured fur!! the effect was amazing and what’s more using the ballpoint glue pen made it so easy to get the direction of the fur right. A couple of days later i went back and stocked up The more i worked with this medium the more colours i needed,sourcing it at the time was very difficult until recently that is thanks to the fashion industry at the moment there is a new crazy in japan and china where they flock nails so they feel like velvet! Which is great news for me as i now have a better choice of colours to paint with! I am working on two pictures at the minute, one with a lady in a velvet dress and another one which i cant wait to do is wild cats! Watch this space for the end results.


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